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The Simply Singing Course
Enrollment closes Monday September 17th at 9pm PST

"Really cool dude. 
Doesn’t only teach singing like other teachers I’ve had, but teaches how to get over barriers that prevent you from being a better singer (stage fright, confidence, etc), which in some ways can be even more important than learning how to sing. Doesn’t judge, and is super nice and understanding, which is also really important from a vocal teacher."

-Michael C.

​I have decided to take all that I have learned in my in my entire 13 years as a singer and put it into an online course called Simply Singing, which this course is exactly that, learning how to sing...simply!

In this course I will share EVERYTHING I learned from my singing exploration starting in my bedroom to what I learned in the Berklee College of Music vocal program to what I learned from real life experiences in Hollywood and the music industry to what I have learned from all my students within the 7 years I have been teaching singing. 

This course will be a 5 month long monthly subscription course. It is a video based course with video lessons accompanied by downloadable PDF assignments and it will be a mix of information, participation and assignments at the end of each section. My GUARANTEE to you is that you will become a better, more knowledgeable, more confident singer and performer through this course and to those who may feel shy around doing in person lessons...THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to learn everything that you would ever want to know about being a strong singer AND MORE! from the comfort of your own home.​​


Welcome To Simply Singing!
*Welcome Video

Singing is a CHOICE!
*Some Questions to Ask Yourself
*Make The Choice
*A Positive Mindset
*What Kind of Singer do you Want to be?
*Define "Making it"
*Goal Setting

Vocal Exercise Routine
*Vocal Workout

*Confidence vs. Arrogance
*Stop Caring What People Think
*Comparing Yourself to Other People
*Find Your Identity and Stand Proud in it!
*Handling Criticism
*Stage Fright

The 6 Fundamentals of Singing
*Introduction to the 6 Fundamentals of Singing
*#1 Diaphragm
*#2 Open and Relaxed Throat
*#3 Air Intake
*#4 Where are you Singing From?
*#5 Phrasing
*#6 Let The Emotion Run Your Voice

Stage Performance
*The Four C's
*Studying Other Singers
*Be Interesting on Stage
*Practice as if you were Performing

Simply Singing Conclusion
*Final Words of Encouragement

#Tips and Resources​

On top of all that, there will be a private facebook group where students can come together and connect with one another around what they are learning, their challenges, and how to help each other out and build community and connections.

AND ON TOP OF THAT! I will do monthly facebook live sessions to discuss the topic of the month and answer any questions you may have around singing, your career, ANYTHING!

If you have any questions I am here to answer them at and I hope to see you all enrolled in the Simply Singing course!

Student Success Stories

"Joshua is a breath of fresh air in the music teaching business. In three weeks Joshua was able to coax out the musician in me that had been hiding for way too long.  Yep, I did the homework he gave, and in less than a month, I confidently responded to a Craig's List add for a band seeking a lead vocalist!!!  Joshua has all of the bases covered, from beginning basics to reaching that "next level. Highly recommend."​
-Wade P.
"I strongly recommend Joshua as a knowledgeable vocal teacher and, in some ways, as a life coach. His teaching style is relaxed but informative. I attended his Vocal Boot Camp and took a few private voice lessons also. I learned a lot. I also hope to continue vocal lessons with Joshua in the near future."

-Debi L.

"I am very excited having met Joshua; the Voice Boot Camp Workshop is packed with information and questions that are crucial to getting a positive sense of who we are as singers.  The way this information weaves into every facet of your life is proof that you are working with a person who is sharing the real deal with you.​​​​​
Joshua's teaching style is warm and welcoming.  I felt very comfortable with his feedback and suggestions for improvement. I will be back for more."

-Daniel M.

"I've had just two lessons with Joshua and I feel I got a lot out of it.  I sound better and I step up on vocals with more confidence.  I am looking forward to going back sometime soon"​​

-Anglyn H.

All of my lessons with Joshua T were excellent. I would recommend him highly.​​

​-Kurt H.

Great approach that is patient, educational and fun for student!​

-Sam S.

​I really enjoy my instructor. He is very constructive in helping me see what I'm doing and where I need to spend time practicing. I feel like I'm improving. Thank you Joshua!​​​​

​-Linda M.

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"My mission is to strengthen individuals by helping them build confidence, self esteem, and identity through the gift of music!"- Joshua Turner​