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Local musician Mr. Josh has released Feelings, his debut album. The album features a triple threat of catchy sing-a-longs, full body movement, and developmental feelings recognition for children, with 10 songs that have proven over the years to bring joy to both children and grown ups alike.

-Tacoma Daily Index Newspaper

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The Mr. Josh Story
Acoustic/folk undertones, charismatic songwriting, and an educational factor makes Mr. Josh’s debut album release Feelings a triple threat and must have for children and parents alike!​

Starting off as a pre-school music teacher in 2013, Mr. Josh was asked to gather songs about different feelings for the schools monthly curriculum. Mr. Josh soon noticed the lack of children’s songs that explored feelings, so he decided to fill that void by writing his own songs about feelings and soon enough the song ‘Sad’ was born. He then realized how much he enjoyed writing children’s songs and began to write new songs each week to fulfill the pre-schools need for songs with themed curriculum, which is where most of the Feelings album songs were born!

Over the years, Mr. Josh noticed the strong and positive reaction to his songs from both children and parents alike. Mr. Josh eventually graduated from a music teacher, to a full time pre-school teacher and has had the honor of implementing his children’s songs into the curriculum of his classrooms. With the reoccurring question from parents “where can I buy your songs?” Mr. Josh realized he needed to make an album!

Recorded in the closet of his house, Mr. Josh has made his Feelings album in true DIY fashion! Handling every aspect from instrumentation performance, recording, producing, mastering, and art work for the album. With help from his wife Erin and his infant daughter Lydian, which are both featured on the song ‘Happy Face,’ Mr. Josh has captured the energy, silliness, and emotion that is present in his classroom music time, and live children’s concerts!

​To put it simply, Mr. Josh’s Feelings album is not only fun and silly, but it is an actual tool for exploring feelings from a childhood development standpoint. It is a true triple threat with catchy sing alongs, full body movement, and developmental feelings recognition for the Early Childhood Education community, as well as children all over the world!
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